4449 Shasta Daylight DVD

4449 Shasta Daylight DVD

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    4449 Shasta Daylight DVD

    4449 Shasta Daylight

    In this video, you'll see highlights from the 4449's operations in 1991, beginning with her trip over the scenic "Shasta Route" to reach the Railfair '91 celebration in Sacramento, California. On her way back north, you'll see the 4449 roar up the Mount Shasta foothills in fresh snow in a sequence that will have you looking for the rewind button on your remote so you can watch it again and again! Then the scene changes to the Sacramento River Canyon, a rugged area complete with tunnels, rolling hills and the incredible Redding Trestle. It's all topped off by some high speed running as the train tries to beat the "Hog Law" and get in before the crew runs out of time.Outstanding photo composition and mainline running under sunny skies in beautiful scenery.

    4449 Engineer, Doyle McCormack described this production thusly, "Goodheart Productions' Shasta Daylight is the best 4449 video tape I've ever seen!" 

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    Run Time 60 minutes