Canadian Pacific's Rogers Pass DVD

Canadian Pacific's Rogers Pass DVD

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    Canadian Pacific's Rogers Pass DVD

    Canadian Pacific's Rogers Pass

    This is a neat DVD since it has the two programs combined, and this is a very difficult area to get good shots of. This is one reason we acquired this show, as we have been to the region and can appreciate the extra efforts Rail innovations went through to get the shots. In "The Last Pushers" we see the helper station, and the crews getting ready, and ride along on the helpers, which are generally cut in mid-train, and sometimes on the front to handle the steepest part of the Rogers Pass grade(east slope). There are also trackside views along the way, and this is all shot in the winter.

    The second show gives an overview of the route(mostly the east slope), and then shows you the new route with a lesser grade, which eliminated the need for the helpers which are the focus of the first show. The photographer had the cooperation of the Canadian Pacific and has shots onboard the trains, trackside, and even good helicopter footage, which includes both entrances to the new tunnel with trains, and onboard a train as well.

    Good narration describes what you are seeing and maps help you understand where you are. In addition we see the remote and famous trestles in the videos such as Stony Creek Trestle. For the person that likes mountain railroading in remote regions this is a good show. All aspects are covered from riding the tops of engines, to helicopter views.

    • Run Time Two Shows Combined Into One 1 Hour 23 Minutes
    • Produced by Greg Scholl 2011