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    Greg Scholl
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    CSX F's DVD

    CSX F'S

    The final four F-units on the CSX railroad are depicted in this video tape covering a variety of locations. Former Clinchfield Railroad FP7 #118 and F7 #116 and B-Units 117 and 119 are seen in historic film segments during the 1960s in more modern service (1987-1988) on CSX. In 1987 we cover a track geometry inspection train led by 118 and 119 in Ohio and Kentucky as far east as Kenova, W.V. This train is first seen around Marion, Ohio then south of Columbus to Cincinnati on the former B&O line through Washington Court House and Midland toward Cincinnati. The next day we see the train between Cincinnati and Kenova, on the former C&O line. There is a beautiful scene passing the Maysville, KY depot about 8 in the morning.

    The bulk of our program features the unique operations of these 4 F-Units in Roadrailer freight service. These operations were in the spring and fall of 1988 between Detroit and Atlanta. Normally a pair of them, either 116-117, or 118-119 would be seen in service. These were the last F-Units to power freight trains for a class-1 railroad in the United States. Most of our coverage is from the Cincinnati area through some pretty rugged country on the former Louisville and Nashville RR in Kentucky and Tennessee. There are many tunnels, and bridges, and grades such as Duff Mountain, TN. You'll also see some regular freight traffic which includes a variety of paint schemes at this time. You'll really enjoy these classic old F-units in action.

    The F-units only lasted 6 months in the roadrailer service, and eventually CSX gave up on roadrailer type of service, and the F-units were put in business train service for awhile before being leased and eventually taken off the roster. In 1994 we had the opportunity to see one unit, number 118, which was still in service on the Potomac Eagle Excursion train in West Virginia. One of the owners, a friend of ours did some very special things for us, as we were doing a segment for our first "America By Rail-The Heartland" video. We mounted a camera and tripod on the platform of a GP9, and shot looking back on the train that followed ups with 118 leading. In the America By Rail video, you see a couple of quick shots, but in this "CSX F's" video, we have included all of that run through "The Trough" from Sector to Sycamore Bridge, and its all with live audio. This segment was added in 2008 when the original 60 minute video was converted to DVD. Color video with live audio and some narration.

    • Run Time 1 Hour 30 Minutes
    • Produced by Greg Scholl 2008