HO DCC Installs Volume 2 DVD

HO DCC Installs Volume 2 DVD

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    HO DCC Installs Volume 2 DVD

    Digital Command Control (DCC) has revolutionized the operation of model trains, offering a level of precise control of motion, lights, and even sound just not possible with older DC systems.

    Of course, using DCC requires a decoder in each locomotive. Some locomotives are available with decoders pre-installed, but what if, like many modelers, you have a collection of older locomotives made long before DCC was invented, or newer locomotives that have a provision for DCC but do not have an actual decoder installed? Or what if you want to add sound or additional lights?

    In this volume, we'll tackle 8 real-world examples of DCC installs in HO scale locomotives that require a bit of skill and planning. You can follow along as we install our decoders, discuss things like lighting, resistors and speakers placement, and touch on programming.

    Even if the particular models shown aren't exactly like yours, we've tried to include enough variety to provide examples of typical issues you'd be likely to encounter while installing your own decoders. There are steam locomotives, diesels, and even a cab car! All the models have sound, but the techniques apply equally well to non-sound installs, so there's sure to be something for everyone!

    Join us for some HO scale model railroading fun!

    Featured Models:

    • Atlas Master SD26
    • Proto 2000 GP60
    • Bachmann Spectrum Climax
    • Kitbashed SD45R
    • Bachmann Spectrum 2-8-0
    • Kato NW2
    • Athearn Bombardier Cab Car
    • Sunset 4-8-2
    • Three-Way Comparison - Atlas SD26s

    • Run Time 1 Hour 40 Minutes
    • Color, Sound
    • Includes a bonus still photo library!
    • Screen Format: Full Screen (4:3)
    • Region code 0; Worldwide NTSC
    • Produced by TSG Multimedia 2009