L&N 152 Suspended In Time DVD

L&N 152 Suspended In Time DVD

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    Greg Scholl
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    L&N 152 Suspended In Time DVD

    L&N 152 Suspended In Time

    Louisville and Nashville 4-6-2 #152 is one of the more authentic locomotives that operated in mainline excursions service during the late 1980s. The focus of this video is a series of operations with 152 in 1988 mostly on the TTI (Trans-Kentucky Transportation Inc) which is also a former Louisville and Nashville line from Paris to Maysville, Kentucky. First is an excursion from Cincinnati to Winchester, where the 152 has the usual diesel assisting on the mainline. Next we see a VIP trip run with 152 and 4 coaches, but no diesel assist, as it operates a roundtrip from Paris to Maysville and return in May of 1988. Then we (Greg Scholl Video) did a photographers special charter train with 152 and three heavyweight coaches, all lettered Louisville & Nashville. There are some timeless scenes on this former L&N line like running through the street at Carlisle, Kentucky with a freight depot on one side and a passenger depot on the other. There are two wig-way crossing signals (now history), tunnels, bridges, and various buildings. After the photo specials we see regular public excursions on this 50 mile line (with a diesel to assist this longer train) and there is more great action. In 2008 when converting this program to DVD, we went back to the original footage, and did a total re-edit with new narration, and included all the extra scenes which we did not have time for in the original 60 minute tape. There are 2 or three turntable scenes in Paris for example, as well as preparations, and extra runbys of the photo special, and Maysville excursions that followed. This is a fine locomotive and the locations that 152 operated in make the train seem suspended in a time warp. These 1988 trips were the last mainline trips for 152.

    • Run Time 1 Hour 30 Minutes
    • Live Train Audio with Narration
    • Produced by Greg Scholl 2008