Log Haulers in Winter DVD

Log Haulers in Winter DVD

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    Log Haulers in Winter DVD

    Authentic equipment on old logging lines. That's something any rail fan can appreciate.

    But, it's the winter weather that gives us the most dramatic images imaginable.

    By combining action footage from multiple photoshoots shot over several winters, we are able to recreate a "typical day" of winter railroading in the forests of the Olympic Pennisula.

    The Olympic Pennisula is the reason Washington State's first major export was lumber. The climate is perfect for growing trees. But back in the day, it was a bit of a challenge to get the timber out of the woods. (See our show A Day In The Woods.) That's why logging railroads in the Pacific Northwest were everywhere.

    Welcome to high-country railroading, photographed when most would rather be indoors.

    West Fork Logging #91 is a three-truck Heisler. This 90-ton engine was built in 1929. As we follow the crew throughout the day, we'll see her running lite, switching cars in various locations, pulling log cars, and rushing a maintenance-of-way freight (with crane) over a wooden trestle. We'll also ride along in the cab of the 91 for a rough ride through the woods.

    • Polson Lumber #70 (Baldwin 2-8-2)
    • McCloud River RR #18 (Baldwin 2-8-2)
    • Rayonier Lumber #2 (Willamette)
    • Hillcrest Lumber #10 (Climax)
    • Hammond Lumber #17 (ALCO 2-8-2T)
    • Westfork Lumber #91 (Heisler)

    • Run Time 2 Hour 3 Minutes
    • Color, Stereo Sound
    • Screen Format: Full Screen (4:3)
    • Region code 0; Worldwide NTSC
    • Produced by Golden Rail Video 2014