Montana Combo DVD

Montana Combo DVD

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    Greg Scholl
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    Montana Combo DVD

    Montana Combo

    Burlington Northern's Marias Pass

    Located in Northern Montana along the southern rim of Glacier National Park this Burlington Northern mainline (formerly Great Northern) route has the distinction of being the northern most crossing of the Rocky Mountains in the United States. Shot in the fall you will see heavy mainline action with pushers on a variety of different trains. The scenery is magnificent and the many tunnels, trestles, snowsheds and canyons make this a very enjoyable mountain saga.

    Run Time 35 Minutes

    Montana Rails

    Montana Rails features former Northern Pacific trackage which is now operated by Montana Rail Link. This coverage includes 2 days of chasing MRL-1, a special passenger train between Paradise, Missoula, and Helena. This takes us over Evaro Hill, and other scenic locations. Next we spend time shooting freights on the section from Helena west over Mullan Pass with its high trestle and tunnel at the summit. Rear pushers are normal for trains westward, as well as some eastbound. A wide variety of BNSF trains are seen, as well as Montana Rail Link freights in the scenic region. Video was shot in 1999.

    Run Time 1 Hour

    • Total Run Time 1 Hour 35 Minutes
    • Produced by Greg Scholl 2006