Ohio Rail Diamonds DVD

Ohio Rail Diamonds DVD

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    Greg Scholl
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    Ohio Rail Diamonds DVD

    Ohio Rail Diamonds

    Our day of shooting Ohio Rail Diamonds begins in Fostoria, where we see CSX trains primarily, including ones from Toledo connecting to the east-west mainline, and trains on that line going both directions. Then we move east to a rural diamond at Attica Junction where the same CSX mainline toward Pittsburgh and Cleveland crosses the Norfolk Southern's line that goes between Columbus and Belleview. Then we return to Fostoria to see some action at the western Diamond where NS crosses CSX at the old B&O depot. The former Baltimore and Ohio Line crosses the former Nickel Plate here. Then we head west to Deshler Ohio where the east-west line toward Chicago crosses the Toledo Subdivision that runs from Cincinnati to Toledo. Trains also connect to the east-west line here as many trains head east from Cincinnati or south from the east. Our next stop is at Leipsic Junction located south of Deshler. This is the crossing of the former B&O Toledo-Cincinnati line, with the former Nickel Plate(now NS) line between Fostoria and Ft. Wayne. An abandoned Tower guards the diamond. We see a nice variety of motive power and trains for this day long shoot which takes us back to Deshler to end the day, as we see a transcontinental container train that is two miles long cross the diamond as another train diverges along side it.

    We have added two more related segments to this day-long diamond shoot. First we include footage from 2005 when we spent a morning in Deshler. This has some glorious morning lighting, as we see 12 trains in a span of 3 hours. We did not spend a lot of time in Deshler in our 2006 day of diamond shooting, so this 2005 segment is a nice addition. It is not narrated, but has live audio. Then we wrap up the program with a Flash-back to 1991 and a few trains that we saw at Leipsic Tower and in Lima. We see some now retired 4-axel power, and a couple of surprises.

    The main portion of this program is shot in wide-screen format, but the 2005 Deshler segment, and the 1991 Leipsic segments are in standard 4:3 of course. There is a lot to see in Ohio Rail Diamonds.

    • Run Time 1 Hour 22 Minutes Plus Previews
    • Narration and Live Train Sounds
    • Produced by Greg Scholl 2007