Steam Power Sawmill DVD

Steam Power Sawmill DVD

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    Steam Power Sawmill DVD

    Screaming machines, gut-instinct, quick decisions and steam power.This is industrial action the way it once was.

    Hidden away in the lush forest of Oregon's Coastal range is a 1930's-era sawmill almost completely untouched by time. Every morning the steam whistle of the feisty Hull-Oakes Lumber Company echoes off the nearby trees. The vintage steam-powered equipment is again fired-up to process old-fashioned long and large timber of Douglas Fir for the world market. This is the famous Hull-Oakes Lumber Company.

    Explore all the details of this fascinating mill from log pond to head rig. Everything from steam engines and boilers right down to the old straddle-carriers that scoot around the lumber yard. You'll crawl underneath for rare views of the mill works. You'll venture into the woods with the loggers for a first-hand look at forest operations.

    BONUS: Servicing the mill is a 100 year-old rail line built by the Southern Pacific RR. What better way for us to get to the mill than to ride in the cab of the mill train. Addingto the intrigue is the Willamette & Pacific's locomotive #1801, an old Southern Pacific GP-9 decorated in its historic "black widow" paint scheme.

    • Run Time 1 Hour 57 Minutes
    • Color, Stereo Sound
    • Screen Format: Full Screen (4:3)
    • Region code 0; Worldwide NTSC
    • Produced by Golden Rail Video 1996, 2006


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