The New Haven Railroad in the 1950's DVD

The New Haven Railroad in the 1950's DVD

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    The New Haven Railroad in the 1950's DVD

    The New Haven Railroad In The 1950's

    The professionalism of Mr. Cochrane's work really shows since nearly all his shots were made with a tripod, and its all on 16mm film. Being a combat photographer during the war gave him vast experience when shooting the New Haven Railroad during peacetime. This program is mainly diesels, but there is one 10-minute segment showing the last excursion for 3016, the last 2-8-2 steamer to operate on the New Haven which was later scrapped. This trip was in 1953. You will see a wide variety of diesel power including DL109's, and Alco Road Switchers, Geeps, and FL9's, plus ALCO FA's. There is a short but exciting electric section with a variety of locomotives as well. Watch semaphore signals drop on the Highland Line, and see RDC's, 4-unit FA's on the Maybrook Line, and much more. The original show was around 60 minutes, but when the DVD was made in 2009 an additional segment also shot by Mr. Cochrane was added to the program. This section was an RDC excursion to Cape Cod. Like most older footage these had no sound, so we have added music and informative narration, with loads of great historical information provided by the New Haven Railroad and Technical Association. There is a wealth of great footage to enjoy in this program.

    • Run Time 1 Hour 17 Minutes Plus Previews
    • Produced by Greg Scholl 2009