Tragedy at Cajon Pass DVD

Tragedy at Cajon Pass DVD

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    Tragedy at Cajon Pass DVD
    The True Story of the Duffy Street Incident Find out what happened on the fateful day of May 12, 1989 when a 69-car Southern Pacific freight train went out of control on California's steep Cajon Pass and careened off the tracks into a residential neighborhood at 90 miles an hour. Shot by a camera crew who arrived on the scene even before the rescue workers, this dramatic video captures the whole story. See: • Tons of heavy steel crumpled like aluminum foil • Freight car wheels turned blue from the intense heat of braking • The train's potash cargo covering the landscape with a ghostly white shroud • Heart-stopping moments of heroism as railroad and fire department crews struggle to free victims from the wreckage Contains graphic materials and may not be suitable for some audiences.