Vintage Steam In The East DVD

Vintage Steam In The East DVD

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    Greg Scholl
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    Vintage Steam In The East DVD

    Vintage Steam In The East covers a great number of subjects. Some railroads have just a couple of scenes, while others have 5-14 minutes apiece. Subjects include the following: Burlington 4-8-4's and 2-8-2's, Chicago and Northwestern 4-6-2's mainly around Chicago, Grand Trunk Western 4-6-2's, 2-8-2's, and 4-8-4's. Includes a nice 3 steam engine meet at Durand, riding a train, Detroit 6405, and 6323 among others. Illinois Central is included with a parade of 2-10-2's and 4-8-2's on mainline freight trains plus a switcher.

    One of the better length segments is the Long Island Railroad, as we follow a local freight with 2-8-0 number 107 on the Port Jefferson Branch. Along the way we have a three train meet at Smithtown, as two passenger trains meet the local. The passenger trains have a Pennsy K4s, and a Long Island G5. This is a unique sequence and there are plenty of nice scenes of the 107 as we follow it and enjoy some switching and shots between stops.

    Next we have a great segment of Louisville and Nashville which is nearly all M class 2-8-4's on the northern end from DeCoursey Yard south toward Corbin. There is some stuff shot in cold weather here and several overall visits were shot by Warren Scholl. We see engines being serviced, and backing to their trains and nice plumes of smoke as the hotshot manifest heads for Atlanta. We also chase a couple of trains and there is a bit of pacing. A couple of New York Central 2-8-2's show up on transfer freights, plus some early RS-3 diesel switchers. This is one of the longer segments and like the Long Island is pretty rare material. Of all the 2-8-4's built during this time, these were among the nicest looking of the bunch in our opinion, but none were saved.

    Next is Milwaukee road with a variety of things, including a nice selection of 4-8-4 action, in an engine terminal, and departing the yard. Also see some 2-8-2's and a streamlined 4-6-4. There is a very early(maybe 1930's or 40's) scene in Waukesha with a caboose hop crossing the Milwaukee Electric line in downtown. This is a good segment with variety and a good selection of 4-8-4's in an engine terminal and on trains.

    Warren Scholl shot three different Nickel Plate Road trains, two of which were at Van Wert, Ohio with two different 2-8-4's, and another location with a 2-8-2. We see some switching with these trains, before they depart town. Nice close-ups of these 2-8-4's in this short segment.

    Norfolk and Western is represented with 3-4 different trains on Blue Ridge Grade, three of which are coal trains with 1200 series class A 2-6-6-4's on the front and Y6 class 2100 series 2-8-8-2 on the rear. There are several nice locations as these trains go eastbound up the Grade with loaded Coal trains bound for export at Norfolk. There is also one J Class 4-8-4 downgrade in the same area.

    There is also a very short Rock Island segment, and Mississippian #77 on that shortline with their 2-8-0. Tank engines are seen on the Ohio River Coal company near Cleves, Ohio around 1960, and early 60's 0-6-0 action with engine #12 on the Morehead and North Fork in Kentucky.

    This show has something for everyone, and some rare footage found in one show. Lots of surprises in this all-color presentation.

    • Run Time 1 Hour 24 Minutes
    • Color, Music, Narration
    • Screen Format: Full Screen (4:3)
    • Region code 0; Worldwide NTSC
    • Produced by Greg Scholl 2017


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